Wairere Falls

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly awesome New Zealand is. 
In less than 30 minutes I can be at any number of great places to explore and almost all of them are dog friendly, so my favourite walking pal can come too. 
This past summer I’ve come to appreciate exactly how lucky I am and having the pup is the best excuse to make sure I get out of the house and get her some exercise. And, as for me, I’ve finally found a form of exercise that I enjoy and, when you get to the top of whatever you’ve climbed, the greatest form of satisfaction. 
One of my favourite walks is Wairere Falls. 
There’s something so peaceful about being the bush and hearing the water running. It’s nature at it’s best. Wairere Falls is the highest waterfall in the North Island and on a clear day when there hasn’t been much rain you can stand right on the edge of the falls which is beyond cool. 
The walk itself is the best combination of beauty, a little bit of toughness with a couple of nasty staircases and the best view of the Waikato. There’s heaps of places that are wide enough to have a dip in, whether it’s half way up or at the top – perfect way to cool off before the walk back down. 
If you are feeling a little low, I highly recommend grabbing a friend and going on an adventure – you are always guaranteed to feel better (even if you are dying on the way up) and it always manages to clear your mind and put everything into perspective.
There really is nothing better than the mind or the soul than a good walk with your four legged friend.